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About RVA Information Technology

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History of RVA Information Technology

RVA began their activities in 1991, developing custom software for vertical markets.

Some years afterwards his founder, German Arduino, knew Linux and the GNU world , world that it wouldn't abandon in the future.

From then, RVA has begun a slow transformation, evolving toward the development of GNU solutions as well as offering technical support on SuSE Linux and other GNU products.

Currently RVA is SuSE Product Partner and his founder and actual CEO, German Arduino, participates actively in diffusion activities and mentoring in the GNU world.

In addition, the company develop custom and GNU software, with strong specialization in multiplatform solutions.

Our Executive Team

German Arduino, CEO
Griselda Tozza, CFO
Gaston Lemos, Chief of Internet Projects

Mission Statement

RVA Information Technology is committed to providing quality, up-to-date GNU software products and convenient, fast technical support services in the Linux and GNU world.

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Location / Phone Numbers

Joaquin Gonzalez 543
2322 Sunchales (Santa Fe)
Phone: 54 3493 15662520